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I have literally HUNDREDS of fragrance oils, but this one is by far my very, very favorite EVER!!! Never change it, never stop making it -- I don't want to live in a world without it!! Even when the soap I use this fragrance in is plain or not as pretty as another nearby, people want the soap with this scent -- hands down! LOVE!!!

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Not My Favorite

I have used this in 2 CP batches & 1 MP batch. To me, the CP soap smells like some odd type of perfume. In the MP soap (3% usage) I did smell a little bit more of the mango. But, after 1 use, the scent is completely gone. I've seen the other reviews where people really liked this fragrance. It's just not one of my personal favorites. But, there are plenty of other BB fragrances that 5 stars for me. So, I'm off to post those 5 star reviews!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Mary! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love our Fresh Mango Fragrance Oil though it does have some supporting notes to help it smell more green. If you're looking for other mango fragrance you may prefer our straight Mango Mango Fragrance Oil, Coconut Mango Fragrance Oil, or Mango Peach Salsa Fragrance Oil.

Since 2013.

This is a best seller for me, I make soap, balms, creams, lotions, beard oils etc. When I am sold out my customers go bananas.

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Mango fan

I have a friend/customer who just loves this. She says it reminds her of the mango trees in Florida. She took some soaps with her to Florida and her relatives loved it. Mangoes don't have a strong smell. This one smells like the part of the mango closer to the peel- like when you are scraping the flesh off the peel with your teeth.

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Meghan Kelsey
Pretty good

I did not personally enjoy this scent, but my customers did. They said that this was a fun and fruity fragrance. Even though this scent is not my favorite, many people liked it.