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Laundry scent

This scent is that perfect laundry detergent scent, if that’s what you’re looking for. I was disappointed because it’s not very “wintery”. I’d like a hint of peppermint or pine or something to remind me of snow and Christmas. I just get laundry.

Total Miss

This is the only fragrance oil I've tried from Bramble berry that I haven't liked but I REALLY didn't like it. I used it in melt and pour clear base. I used the fragrance calculator for the proper amount. I have used the "Strong" amount before and I did with this. I don't know what exactly was so off putting but it was bad. I threw away all the snowflake bars I made and then had to take the trash out because getting wiffs of it from the trash was still bothering me. I would recomend getting a sample of this before buying a lot because it was really unpleasant to me. I'm probably going to order the Cold Water fragrance oil for my snowflake soaps. It was excellent and fresh smelling.

Verified Purchase
Grape Soda

It's doesn't smell bad, exactly, but it doesn't smell like fresh snow. It has a very strong, very sweet artificial grape scent, like a grape crush or a jolly rancher.

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Nerdtastic Craftations
Just the right touch

I use this in my winter themed soap combines with peppermint, cranberry & a hint of pine. It adds just the perfect amount of ozone winterness to make it stand out. My customers love it so much I have to make it year round & it's in my top three sellers every month.

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Angela J
Ahhhhhhmazing Fragrance!

Fresh Snow doesn’t smell like it’s namesake to me. It reminds me of the sweet, tart, fruity scent that arises from a freshly opened bag of Christmas candy! I bought 4 oz to start, then bought the 16 ounce bottle! I’ve made 3 CP soaps, bath bombs and bubbling Bath Truffles with this stuff. The soap sold out, so I had to do more. Ah, shucks. Ha! It’s a delicious fragrance that makes me feel like a kid again. I had little to no discoloration (I didn’t color the soap at all, it went to a super pale ivory about 4 weeks in), very little acceleration. Stunning!!