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Sweet, crisp ozone

I love this. It was a little surprising when I opened the bottle but I have since grown to love it. It's excellent for turning florals and fruits into "frozen" versions with a bright crispness.

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Just like a dryer sheet smell

This smells just like clean laundry! It's fresh and did well in cold process soap.

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Excellent for Whipped Body Butter

I made a few jars and took them to the girls at work. They lined up and offered me $$ for more. This works good in M&P Goat Milk soap also. One of my favorite fragrances. I have not tried it yet in C&P Soap - will let you know

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Not my favorite but a good seller

This one assaulted my nose when I smelled it OOB--way over powering! But I soaped with it anyway, added a few drops of peppermint EO, lightly brushed each bar with diamond dust and called it Angel Wings. Even though I still didn't like it, it sold out in less than a week. I will be buying a bigger bottle when it's back in stock. And I will use a little less per batch since it's quite strong even after cure.

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Unexpected Success

To be honest, I almost threw this scent out about .5 seconds after I opened it. Straight out of the bottle this is HARSH. Like the entire detergent aisle exploded in your nose. But, swayed by all of the positive reviews here, I soaped with it anyway. I scented lightly at .5 oz ppo. As a dry bar the scent is much more mangeable: a soft, clean laundry smell. But the place where this scent really shines is in the water. To me nose the bar smells very different the moment it gets wet. It still retains that clean laundry vibe but it's like the water makes it bloom and your nose can suddenly pick up all the nuances of the scent. I'm fairly sensitive to very "detergent-y" smells but I like this one every now and then. I've found that it is a BIG hit with anyone that likes "clean" scents.