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I was hoping this would smell sweet and fruity but unfortunately this smells like cough syrup. I haven't used it in anything and I really don't know if I want to, I don't even think it'll mix well with anything else. I've let other people in the house smell it and no one likes it. Wish I would've thought to request this as a sample. Being able to order sample sizes of all fragrance/essential oils would be great, honestly.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Fruity Fusion Fragrance Oil is very strong out of the bottle but mellows out quite a bit once diluted in products. If you're looking for other fruity options you may prefer Grapefruit Bellini Fragrance Oil, Island Escape Fragrance Oil or Blueberry Jam Fragrance Oil.

Erica V
Fresh & Fruity

I received this as a free sample. Based on the image, the description, and the other reviews, I would've never ordered this. But I would've been missing out. This FO rounded out the rhubarb accord I was creating. Previously, the accord smelled too green, metallic, and acidic. Adding this FO made it just the right balance of sweet & tart with a natural fruitiness. Customers love it.

Verified Purchase

This scent is bad. But i spent the money on it so I decided to try it out. No no.. This has stunk up my house. Highly do not recommend.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
That scent is a little overwhelming out of bottle so you may like it better once diluted in product after a bit since we do choose all of our fragrance oils on a six week cure time. If you're looking for other fruity scents you may prefer Electric Lemonade Cocktail Fragrance Oil or Blooms and Berries Fragrance Oil.

Verified Purchase
absolutely delicious

I loved every minute of working with this scent! I received it as a sample in an order, and I immediately thought it would work great in a 7 color clyde slide, and boy was i right, the only thing I did was add some Tangerine Surplus I had laying around to stretch my sample to 1.5 oz, since tangerine surplus rarely sticks in cp I thought they could boost one another, The result was breathtaking, such a wonderful scent to enjoy the whole time during curing, I couldn't wait to unveil it to my customers. I used all mineral colorants, a 7 color swirl, no acceleration I can remember, layering went well in the bowl, no over heating in the mold, no ricing, and no chemical scent, no glycerin rivers, no alien brain, no ash. An absolute pleasure to work with.

Great in MP & Bath Bombs - Hated in CP

I really enjoyed this scent in MP and Bath Bombs. But it did not process well in CP. Ugh, it completely changed the smell. It does smell a little better when you are actually using it in the shower, but to just pick up the bar and smell leaves little to be desired. Definitely recommend for the other methods!