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Delicious Smell!

first fragrance oil ive tried from brambleberry, and it smells delightful! it was perfect for the project i had in mind and everyone who smells it loves it! one warning though: the smell BEGS to be eaten!!

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Don't bite your bar

I don't like it OOB, but in CP soap it is absolutely yummy. I love it.

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mashed potatoes

smelled excellent. My soap became mashed potatoes almost immediately Only other thing I can think of is I added sodium lactate at 1 tsp per pound? Still I pounded it into my molds...we'll see how it turns out.

Mrs. Amber
I forgot!

Oh wow! I forgot about this deliciously sweet, fun, fruity blend! I received it as a sample in an order about a year ago, & was going through BB's list of FO's today and this brought back happy memories! OOB, I didn't care for it tbh, as I tend to gravitate more toward earthy, masculine scents (I'm branching out more tho!). However, I had a batch of soap that cured to NO SCENT AT ALL (a crappy FO I'd purchased off Amazon before I knew better!), so used this little sample in my rebatch. Despite adding this sample FO to about 3lbs of rebatched soap, the scent was potent & incredible! I loved it so much more in the actual soap too! Because of how fun & fruity my rebatch turned out, I ended up giving most of the bars to my 8yr old niece who LOVED them (I colored them purple & pink)! I thought this was more a kid's scent until my sister called & asked if I had anymore of the "fruity bars". I was surprised & asked, "Wow! Did Lyla go through all those soaps already?", my sister's response was, "Nope! I just want some for myself too!". So call me wrong- this FO appeals to all ages, and the one bar I have remaining from that rebatch (a YEAR ago!), STILL smells as strong as the day I made it!! No joke!

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I was hoping this would smell sweet and fruity but unfortunately this smells like cough syrup. I haven't used it in anything and I really don't know if I want to, I don't even think it'll mix well with anything else. I've let other people in the house smell it and no one likes it. Wish I would've thought to request this as a sample. Being able to order sample sizes of all fragrance/essential oils would be great, honestly.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Fruity Fusion Fragrance Oil is very strong out of the bottle but mellows out quite a bit once diluted in products. If you're looking for other fruity options you may prefer Grapefruit Bellini Fragrance Oil, Island Escape Fragrance Oil or Blueberry Jam Fragrance Oil.