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Be prepared to move quick

While I love this fragrance, it has accelerated on me both times I've used it. So keep that in mind. I soap at room temp and only blend to emulsion with a slow moving recipe I use exclusively. It does stick really well though.

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Suzanne Finley
Why the Huge Price Increase?

I have been using this fragrance for our grapefruit soap but can no longer afford it. For 16 ounces, it is over $41! Why so high? It makes it almost impossible for soap makers to use this without charging a small fortune for their soaps which customers will not pay. I constantly refer Brambleberry for their products but this is too high and I'll have to find another supplier for my grapefruit soap. No malfeasance intended but you need to know that I cannot pay this.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Thanks for your feedback.

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I bought this to make something a little different for someone. I'm trying it just in MP right now, and it smells absolutely delightful!

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Rice city

Not sure what I did wrong... but this riced on me once I poured in the mold. It smells nice though.

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Always & Forever!

This fragrance Oil is a staple for my CP soap... I've been purchasing this for 3 years now and is a customer fave and one of my best sellers!!