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I love ground pumpkin seeds, and I use them in soaps and scrubs. Before I realized that Bramble Berry sold them, I bought from another vendor and they were awful -- they had that oxidized rancid-oil smell. So I painfully ground my own. Enter Bramble Berry. Their pumpkin seeds are just as fresh as mine, but without the pain. To keep them that way, I suggest refrigerating or freezing them.

Verified Purchase
Ground pumpkin seeds

I traded a friend some soaping supplies and one thing she sent me were these ground pumpkin seeds. At first I wasn't really sure how to use them but ended up trying them out in a one pound pumpkin spice CP soap. I thought pumpkin seeds in a pumpkin soap would be fun. The soap turned out really lovely- just the right amount to exfoliation without being to rough on my sensitive skin. I've used it all now and think I will but more for my fall pumpkin soap again this year.