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Make your own squishy putty

Camp Bramble Berry's Squishy Putty!

Remember playing with silly putty as a kid? Now you can make it yourself! We love how combining regular household ingredients results in such a weird and wonderful substance.
And don't forget your free Camp Bramble Berry merit badges! You can give one to your child for each project they complete. Download the PDF here.   
Silly Putty Recipe:

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How to set-up the pouring tray
ONE: Mix 1 oz HOT water and 3 oz glue in large container until you get a nice, thin, smooth texture.

Add 1 drop undiluted labcolor. Mix completely and set aside.

Add 0.5 ml of fragrance oil and mix well.
April Showers
THREE: Dissolve 1/8 teaspoon borax in 1 oz hot water in separate cup. Mix until the water is completely clear again. This step is crucial because the goo will be chunky if the Borax is not totally dissolved.
Tip: The borax will dissolve better if the water stays hot. If needed, microwave the mixture in short 6 second bursts stirring well between bursts.  
Adding the pigment
FOUR: Slowly pour some of the borax/water solution over the glue mixture, and stir slowly with a spatula. Once it begins to thicken, dig in with your hands!

You may not need to add the total amount of the borax/water solution. Work the goo through with your hands, and once it is to the texture you would like, stop adding the solution.
Squishy Putty is watching you!

Storage and Selling

Store your Squishy Putty in a sealed container to keep it from drying out. We love our 4 oz plastic bail jars for storing our squishy putty.

Bonus! Putting your Squishy Putty in a jar transforms it into Noise Putty! Slam it into the jar and squish it with your fingers for some giggle inducing noises (hint: it sounds like farts!).
Bail Jars

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