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Very Versatile Mold

Really like this easy to use silicone mold. It's perfect for making Embeds. Since it's square I can also cut the soap into triangle shapes as well. As long as you make sure the mold is completely sealed on both sides, there is no problem with it leaking. Haven't used it for CP soap yet, but I definitely see the possibilities. With MP, I have even filled 1/2 of the mold with 1 color, let it set up, and poured a different color for the other 1/2. Easy to use & easy to clean.

Verified Purchase

I've yet to have problems with this mold. I have 6 or 7 now... I have used with wax, mp and cp. no leaks, easy to clean, put together. I have a few of the mini molds, but find this one the easiest.