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Good wax but too expensive

This wax is easy to work with and gives off a good scent throw. I found the same brand 50 pound wax on a different website for half the price so I’m pretty upset I paid this much.

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Easy to use

I'm new to making candles, and this wax was easy to work with. It burns evenly as well. Make sure you insulate the newly-poured candles so they won't crack from cooling too quickly. Easy cleanup.

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Getting lots of air bubbles with this wax.

I've only bought soy wax 1 time before this, from a different company, no air bubbles with that one. This wax is giving me tons of big air bubbles, I am new to candle making. How do I prevent the air bubbles with this wax? & how do I get rid of the air bubbles in the candles that I already made. I've melted the whole candles in the oven at 150 F degrees, & let it cool slowly with the oven...still has air bubbles, I'm also using a heat gun on it.

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Will This Work For Wax Tarts

I wanted to make Wax Tarts using this wax & fragrance oil. Will this wax work or do I have to use another kind? If I add avocado oil or almond oil to it will it melt easier? Thank you *** Review for other products *** I used this wax for solid lotion bars and mustache wax and it works amazing! People love that its soy wax!

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Christina! I'm so glad you love our Nature Wax C-3 for your lotion bars and mustache wax. I think this wax would work just fine for the wax tarts! The only difference really is that it has a higher melt point, meaning it may take a tad bit longer to melt down in your warmer. Check out our Wax Tart Melts 3 Ways Tutorial where we use EcoSoya Advanced Soy Wax to make wax tarts.

How does this wax hold up in Moustach Waxes

Hi. Love your product! What have the reactions been in using this product to create mustache waxes?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi J! I'm so glad you love our Nature Wax C-3! We have never tried using this product in a mustache wax so I'm not 100% sure. Though, on its own this wax would be too hard for a sculpting wax and would need added liquid oils to work. Check out our Sculpting Mustache Wax tutorial for inspiration!