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Bath bombs

Can these micas be used in Bath bombs? Thanks!

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I love this mica!

I used this mica along with electric bubblegum and pearly white to make a tricolor swirled soap. The color is absolutely gorgeous--I love it. I used 1 tsp PPO, and it was perfect in my cold process goat milk soap.

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My "Go To" Purple!

Awesome it!

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Want to love

I wish I could love this color, but I'm struggling with it. Used in super high concentration, and with a bit of Electric Bubble gum mica added, I can get a true, deep and vibrant shade of purple. By itself, all I can achieve is a super muted and dull, almost lavender color. The lavender mica is more vibrant than this. Perhaps I had too high of expectations for this color.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Caitlin! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this color! We love the Orchid MIca though it will definitely turn more of lavender if used in cold process soap - you can see a sample picture of it above. If you're wanting to see the deeper orchid color it looks like in powder form your best bet is using it in a Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base. The Electric Bubble Gum Colorant would also not help to make it darker since it is such a bright pink color! If you're wanting a darker purple I would recommend the Queen's Purple Mica with a little of the Black Oxide Pigment mixed in.

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this is a beautiful shade of light purple! I used it in cp last week and I'm very pleased with the results!