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Gorgeous Shimmering Purple

I received this mica as a sample with my order and will definitely be buying with my next order. I used it in a batch of cold process soap, and it far exceeded my expectations. Its color is much deeper than I thought it would be, and it still has a gorgeous, iridescent shimmer in the CP soap. I am so happy with it.

Works great in bath bombs!

I used this in my bath bombs and it turned the water a beautiful purple without staining my skin or the tub. I will definitely be buying more of these colorants for my bath bombs!

Pretty Purple!

Picked this mica for my free gift with my order & love it! It's so pretty in CP & I was impressed with how generous the sample size was! At 1tsp/PPO this mica makes the most gorgoues shade of lavender in CP, and there's plenty for use in multiple batches! Dispurses easily & effortlessly in a bit of carrier oil for a smooth & gorgoues hue! Glad I tried this as a sample, as I'll definitely be back to buy more!

Bath bombs

Can these micas be used in Bath bombs? Thanks!

Verified Purchase
I love this mica!

I used this mica along with electric bubblegum and pearly white to make a tricolor swirled soap. The color is absolutely gorgeous--I love it. I used 1 tsp PPO, and it was perfect in my cold process goat milk soap.