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Michelle B
I first got this in the EO sampler then bought a larger version

I like BB Rosemary EO versus other Rosemary EOs I have tried. The other ones tend to have a stronger camphor smell. With the one from BB, I feel like I can smell the undertones better and it's a smell I really like. I used this to make a Rosemary Mint M&P soap and it was a huge hit.

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Do Not Like

Do not care for the smell. Have a Roach Spray smell. I wasted money that I don't have for this. I am a small business that is just getting started, so I do not have money to splurge for mishaps. I would really like a switch out or something.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi there! I'm sorry this scent wasn't your favorite. We love the camphorous and slightly woody notes in the Rosemary Essential Oil. Because it is 100% pure and undiluted, it can smell a bit medicinal right out of the bottle, as is often the case with uncut essential oils. You may find you like it better once diluted in product or blended with another scent. It goes well with Orange 10X Essential Oil, Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil, or Peppermint Essential Oil, 1st Distill.

Maria and Bessi
FO in Cold Process Soap

This FO smells refreshing and works super well in CP soap with no acceleration, no discoloration and no ricing! It worked so well in my CP soap batter that I accidentally forgot the Rosemary EO and had to pour my batter back into my bowl (and it was THICK) and add the EO and it slightly decelerated and I was able to make a nice swirl and save my soap!

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This really sucks

I have never left such a negative review for anything let alone essential oils, but this was by far my least favorite out of all the Rosemary essential oils and the lavender isn't the greatest either, I will not purchase these essential oils from here again. I would ask for a refund but it's been opened.

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Not happy

I don't know what happened but the Rosemary oil I purchased from BB is the worst Rosemary oil I have ever bought from any company. It was on sale so maybe an inferior batch but I wish you would have informed us of this. It's smell is very little like the scent from other brands I have gotten. I was very disappointed as I bought two 2 oz. bottles. I am sorry, but I will not be purchasing this oil from BB again.