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Not happy

I don't know what happened but the Rosemary oil I purchased from BB is the worst Rosemary oil I have ever bought from any company. It was on sale so maybe an inferior batch but I wish you would have informed us of this. It's smell is very little like the scent from other brands I have gotten. I was very disappointed as I bought two 2 oz. bottles. I am sorry, but I will not be purchasing this oil from BB again.

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This essential oil works very well in cold process soap. I like to mix it with peppermint - the smell is beautiful! I also like to use it in essential oil blends. Highly recommend it!

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Good mixer

While this smells good on its own, I haven't been able to bring myself to using it on its own in anything. Mixed, though? It's great. I've used it in soaps, conditioners, floor cleanser... It just smells clean, especially when you mix it with something like peppermint or something citrusy. If you are at all a fan of or want to test herbal scents, this is a great oil to start with.

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love it

This is one of my favorite essential oils. It smells great blended with oils like peppermint, cedarwood and/or lavender. A winner if you are a fan of herbaceous scents.

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THE Scent

Rosemary is one of my very favorite scents and it's affordable. BB Rosemary did not disappoint in my cold process soap. It's great for pairing with so many other scents. It's a safe bet with customers as most people absolutely love Rosemary. Even my cats stop in the yard to smell our plants. The scent itself awakens the mind, it's really magical. Definitely will buy this again and highly recommend.