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Available in larger quantity?

Didn't this used to be available in a 5 lb bag?

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Agree w/ the CT-Spain comment

I had to rate & comment on this oil because of the review left stating it was "the worst ever.. she was a small business that could not afford mistakes.." etc I think this is a wonderful CT-scent and wanted to add I paid more for this type rather than the other from another seller. Point is, many times I have gotten a "new" oil and just thought it was the awfullest thing ever..was disappointed and beyond..the next thing you know it was my FAVORITE oil scent EVER. I've grown to appreciate & love all EO's..and this one I could tell was a 5 star when I removed the tape from the packaging!!

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I combined this oil with geranium essential oil in a salt soap, and I just love the results. The scent is wonderful. My question, however, is: do I need to warn customers not to purchase this soap if pregnant, hypertensive, etc?

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Usually those warnings for essential oils are referring to direct, undiluted use on the skin. Though there are some people that are more susceptible to certain things than others and could be affected by the EOs in soap as well. Anyone concerned about using products containing those ingredients should contact their physician. A little note on your product for customers should be fine, though you don't want to deter them from your product unnecessarily. You can also list what essential oil is used in your ingredients so they are aware it is included.

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A fresh, minty rosemary!

I love this rosemary essential oil. It's very, very fresh and has an almost minty finish to it. One of my very favorite soap fragrances is this rosemary essential oil blended with a key lime essential oil. Amazing!

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This was an excellent Rosemary oil. I was delighted with how fresh, with a clean hint of floral, that it smelled.