Bold florals and touch of spice and wood work together to create this beautiful fragrance. Opening notes of dogwood flowers, petitgrain and bright ginger pair well with a heart of fresh basil and pepper. A rich base of sandalwood and white musk add a perfect base to round off this scent. No acceleration or discoloration in cold process soap. 

Blend Ideas

1 part Dogwood and Ginger Blossom Fragrance Oil
2 parts Sultry Black Jasmine Fragrance Oil

3 parts Dogwood and Ginger Blossom Fragrance Oil
2 parts Ginger Lime Fragrance Oil
1 part Green Fig Fragrance Oil

1 part Dogwood and Ginger Blossom Fragrance Oil
1 part Bramble Berry's Alien Type Fragrance Oil

2 parts Dogwood and Ginger Blossom Fragrance Oil
1 part Sparkling Snowdrop Fragrance Oil
1 part Rosehip Jasmine Fragrance Oil

Dogwood and Ginger Blossom Melt and Pour Bars

Tools and Ingredients:


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    • DogwoodAndGingerStep 1

      STEP ONE: In a small container, mix 1 tsp. rose clay into 1 Tbsp. isopropyl alcohol. This will help the clay mix into the soap without clumping. Cut 4 oz. of Clear Melt and Pour into small, even pieces. Place the soap in a heat-safe container and melt on 5 second bursts. Using short bursts prevents the soap from burning. Add 1 Tbsp. of dispersed clay and mix to fully incorporate. Spritz alcohol into the mold details. This will help the soap flow into the details more smoothly. Using the Injector Tool, begin piping the soap into the border and "milk" lettering. Have a cup of hot water nearby to clear out the Injector Tool during this process. 

    • DogwoodAndGinger

      STEP TWO: If the soap starts to harden while you're filling in the details, pop it back into the microwave for 5 seconds. When they're done, spritz again with alcohol to get rid of bubbles. The details are small so soap will go outside of the lines. Don't worry - you can clean that up later. You will have a few ounces of leftover red soap. Larger amounts of soap stay melted longer, giving you more time to work with the details. Pour any excess soap into a separate mold. When the soap is firm - after about 5-10 minutes - use the Clean Up Tool to remove any spills. 

    • DogwoodAndGinger

      STEP THREE: Cut 32 oz. of Goat Milk Melt and Pour into small, even pieces. In a large heat-safe container, melt the soap on 30 second bursts. Add 0.9 oz. of Dogwood and Ginger Blossom Fragrance Oil and stir to fully incorporate. Wait until the soap is around 125-130F so it won't melt the red soap. Then, spritz the red soap with alcohol to help the layers stick. Slowly and carefully pour the white soap in and spritz with alcohol to pop any bubbles. Let the soap harden for 4 hours or overnight. Unmold, cut into 8 bars along the score marks and enjoy! To avoid glycerin dew, wrap them immediately in plastic wrap or another airtight packaging option.


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