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Worked like a charm

It's great not needing to line a cylinder mold or push out the soap like most other cylinder molds! I had read the suggestion to clip the mold. The clips made it wide enough to use a bucket to stabilize it upright, plus the bucket would contain any leaking (but there was none). The result was nice round soaps (though you can see the two seams). I had no trouble unmolding at ~24h, even though I did not use any hardener such as sodium lactate. I did not insulate or gel my soap. Also, because only the top side of the top soap has contact with air, there was less soda ash than usual for my soaps. I found it challenging to keep the soap cylinder loaf stabilized when cutting it; so a multi-bar cutter would help a lot. This size soap fits a 2-part soap box made from two sheets of 6"x6" paper.

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very nice

I rated this 5 stars but I had the advantage of the collective wisdom of all the other reviews. I found the best way to seal it is to seal the bottom first and then both sides at the same time-one hand on each side. Then go over it again to make sure it is sealed. This mold fits perfectly into a half gallon milk or juice carton. If it leaks the carton can serve as the backup mold. I did not have any leaking at all. I made a milk and honey soap so I lined the mold with bubble wrap to get a honeycomb effect. That made it unmold very easily. I added honey to half the batch (honey makes the soap a light brown color) and I did an in the pot swirl. I did get a very nice circular swirl. The finished soap is not a perfect circle but very few people will notice or care about that. The second time I used it I did not line it but I did use a recipe that tends to harden well (coconut oil 50%, rice bran oil 40%, sesame oil 10%). This one also unmolded easily after 24 hours.

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worked great

I hesitated to buy this because the reviews were spotty but I'm glad I tried it! I made a batch of cp soap with a fairly high percentage of hard oils and poured it at thin trace. I had put the mold in a pot and wrapped it with a thick towel to insulate it for gel which gave it a little extra support so I didn't knock it over. I did not try to thump it or shake out any bubbles. I set a bit of cardboard on top and wrapped the towel around it and set it away for the night. When it was hard enough, it unmolded easily and washed up with a little soapy water. The soap has a few tiny air bubbles around the edges on the bars that were closer to the top (where the soap was starting to thicken and not pour so easily) but I think they will polish off with a little rub with a towel later. I'm eager to use this to crank out my shaving soap pucks. I've been putting them off because I hate wrestling with the PVC pipe!

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No perfect circles, leaks

I was so excited to get this mold, I bought two. After 3 soap batches, my enthusiasm was quickly tempered: * The soap was somewhere between an oval and a circle, definitely not perfect circles. The bottom is the truest in terms of being circular, as you move towards the top it becomes more elongated. Maybe there's a way to reinforce the mold, ensuring it remains a circle? * The soap has a distinct ridge caused by the mold's seal. It's not the end of the world, but will require shaving if you want perfectly smooth soap. * The soap at the bottom of the mold stuck on two of my three batches, breaking off when unmolding. The end piece was not usable * One of the 3 batches leaked, breaking open when I very lightly tapped the mold to get out air bubbles. I wound up with soap batter all over me and the floor. Tip: Put these molds in a pot or something in case they leak. I don't sell soap, but if I did I would probably use a PVC tube w/paper lining instead of this mold

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Tips for success

Order # 576710: Having read about failures, I filled it with very hot tap water and banged it with no issues and let it sit overnight with no issues. Feeling confident, I tried it with soap and heavy tapping caused it to split open. Fortunately, I was prepared by using a very thick trace to suspend embeds. I was able to capture the soap and transfer it to another mold so no loss. Next, I tried a very thin trace, but put binding clips on the sides and placed it in a deep stainless steel stock pot. The stock pot served two purposes: if it leaked, the pot would catch the caustic mess and it helped with insulating. However, it held together. The pot allowed me to wrap towels tightly AROUND the mold instead of ON TOP, further adding to the weight and risk of collapse. It worked great for this batch so I will be using it again in this manner. I suggest you try it.