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I bought two of these for the four pound mold. I made a couple batches and they came out very bowed looking. I have the mold as tight as it will go but the liners are loose and very flimsy. I do not recommend these at all. I have since bought a wonderful sturdy silicone mold with a metal basket. Wish i hadn’t wasted my money on the BB mold and liner.

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Maria - Kokolele
Love them

I love these liners !!!! I've made a lot of loaves and it is the favorite size for my customers...I take care them very well, they are great!!!

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Misshapen soap

While the idea for the liner is a great one, the silicone walls like to bow in severely, resulting in a quite misshapen loaf. I tried putting some tape, holding it (lol), and putting in a lid, but there was no success, especially the bottom half. If I had known this was the case, I wouldn't have spent the money on a wooden mold.

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Easy at First...then an Update

I had some issues with the mold bowing at first, but Brambleberry contacted me very quickly and worked with me to resolve the issues. I still have the occasional issue with bowing, but nothing like before. Brambleberry has excellent customer service.

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I need more of these!

This liner makes lining the 2lb loaf mold easy! The flexible nature makes it seem flimsy at first, but it's held up great. The softness does make it tend to not hold a perfectly rectangular shape, though. The long walls get a little wavy, and my soaps aren't dense/heavy enough to straighten that out on their own, but I've found that taping the liner to the wood mold with a couple of pieces of masking tape is sufficient to straighten it out (and makes for a convenient way to lift the liner and soap out of the mold without loosening it).