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Whatever the problem was before I will tell you brambleberry has fixed them because I just ordered 2 and they are perfect so if your second guessing ordering don’t you will be very happy with the product

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Love these liners

I was nervous to purchase these due to the "bowing" reviews but I did and I love them. I've not had any issues with bowing at all. My bars are unmolding in great shape! I do wish they stayed in stock. I've been stalking the website waiting for them to be restocked.

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Janet B
wish they would stay in stock!

First, I love the liners. I’ve been using them for a few years. As my production has grown so have my mold and liner volume. I’ve considered switching to much larger log production methods but I really enjoy these as it lets me keep my intricate designs. I’m currently making 12 logs per day and if additional liners were available I could double that. The liners let me remove the soap from the wooden mold after 12 hours and plop in another liner and keep going while they finish curing. You could never do that with paper liners. I don’t have problems with bowing. Great job BB. Thanks

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Cannot understand problem reviews

I bought this liner for a 5 pound mold I own - and this is now the most favorite mold / liner combo I use. Never had problems at all - never bowing or buckling. Since the unfolding and cleanup is a breeze I use it almost daily.

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No problems

I have this mold and i love it ! Super easy to get the soap out and it is sturdy! Way to go B.B.!