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Great Liner!

I love this new, redesigned liner! As with others, I was not so happy with the thinner liner, but this one is amazing. I had read in advance that the sectioning tool no longer fit, but that was a non issue for me. This one works like a charm and I couldn't be happier!

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My multi-pour sectioner no longer fits

I waited weeks for this to come back in stock. I had my batch ready to pour into the mold with the new liner, but my dividers wouldn't fit! (Evenn though the description said the would.) Thus a large 5lb batch of soap did not go as planned. Disappointed.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Amber! I'm sorry you're disappointed. Because the new liner is a bit thicker, the Multi-Pour Sectioning Tool no longer fits. It does fit in the mold if it's lined with freezer paper! Learn how to line your mold in this post. We are also currently working on another tool to fit the new liners.

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Redesigned liner

So much better than the thinner liner!No more two sided tape and dented soap bars from listing liners.Love it!

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Wrong dimensions

The dimensions are not as advertised! Just received my liner and measured it, and it is 3 1/2" wide, 17" long, and 2 3/4 deep. I had a mold made for me by someone according the dimensions listed, to fit this liner... and it's too big for the mold!

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2 stars for this disappointing mold!

I heard great reviews about bramble berry and how people swear by them due to the quality of their products, however I was deeply disappointed in the quality and craftsmanship of this silicone mold. I bought two of them and used them only 3 times! Just like everyone else, they stated that the mold bows out, ripples and just doesn't stay put. I put double sided tape, binder clips, I even almost eyed the glue gun for this one! its terrible! the wooden mold was great, just not this liner! I heard that BB will be releasing the new design and much more sturdier mold soon, but I feel like I totally wasted my time and money on the 2 completely useless silicone molds!