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Highly recommend

I highly recommend this mold! It will need to be supported, but its thick (for silicone) and great quality. Washes out and soap unmolds easily!

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9 bar silicone liner

I FINALLY broke down after almost 20 years of just lining a cardboard box with a plastic bag and bought this liner.....WOW what a difference it has made. My husband made the box to fit this liner, and now my soaps all have nice smooth bottoms and sides, and nice crisp corners. No more shaving off the sides to smooth things out! I LOVE it!

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Laurie Ann
Still Learning How to Use My Supplies

Slowly but surely adding to my Soap Making Supplies. I LOVE the idea of this mold as messing with paper liners frustrates me. I have only made one batch of soap in this mold (Including the Lovely Birchwood Box), and although it did stick when I tried to get it out after 24 hours, I know this was due to my impatience more than anything else. Eventually I was able to remove my soap and it is lovely. Now I am trying to be patient as it cures. I do have one issue that I am hoping someone can help me with. The soap I created was a Lavender/Oatmeal. I made this batch on April 6th and I have yet to get the Lavender Scent out of the plastic mold. I have tried dish soap, baking soda and just plain hot water, as well as fresh air, all to no avail. I am concerned that my next batch of soap (hoping to make Lemon/Basil) is going to pick up the Lavender Scent. Any ideas? Sincerely, Laurie

Verified Purchase
9 Bar Silicone Mold Line for Birchwood Mold

Let me be the first to say thank you BrambleBerry and to congratulate you on this silicone liner! It performs as advertised and then some. So convenient, easy to use and clean. Molds a professional looking soap. I love using it and purchased 3 more! Happy New Year!