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Great starter kit

After years of wanting to try CP soaping, I finally decided to give it a try and I ordered this kit. I am seriously impressed by the quality on the items and after my first (and second) batches turned out amazing, I am hooked! Thank you Bramble Berry!

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I have wanted to try CP soap for a long time, but was too intimidated. I started with this kit and was very pleased with the result. (I am just now using the finished soap). I substituted lavender eo for the fragrance oil (it smells great as will use it in another project). It helps to do some research first and make sure to watch the 4 soap queen videos, especially the one on safety. I have been making a batch of CP about once a week now and I love it!

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A Great Way to Get Started

This kit is an excellent, affordable way to get your feet wet with soap making. I loved the fact that within one day I had a finished product that looked and smelled like a great bar of soap. The 6 weeks to let it harden lasted forever, but I used that time to explore new materials and learn some new methods for soaping. My only suggestion is to buy some colorant to go with the soap; I bought a sampler pack of mica and used the Merlot mica. Great product!

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Awesome Kit For Beginners!

This is a wonderful kit for beginning soapers who want to get the feel of soaping without a lot of initial and unnecessary expense. The Cranberry Fig Fragrance was pretty strong in the beginning, but after 3 weeks has settled down nicely and is a wonderful clean unisex scent. The E-book is great; a lot of wonderful recipes and tips. I have purchased the silicone mold and other scents and oils since this purchase, and yeah, I'm hooked! My only disappointment is that I don't look anywhere near as cute as Anne-Marie in my goggles. Lol.

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Excellent Starter Kit!

I ordered this kit & a sample pack of colorants to get myself started. I wasn't sure if I would like soaping or even be any good at it. This kit was perfect! It was such a simple, worry-free way to get everything I needed to make a basic, wonderful smelling loaf of soap. The scent included (cranberry-fig) has become a favorite of everyone who gets to test my soaps. I had such success using the kit, and gained the confidence to really start making my own soaps, that I immediatley ordered more items to play around with. Bramble Berry has never failed me. I have been pleased again and again with all of their products and excellent customer service!