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Great Product, Great Price

This product finally got me to take the leap into soap making after years of wanting to try it! The steps are very clear and easy to undersatnd, we had so much fun! it smells delicious and the soap is curing at the moment but it looks promising! we added a drop swirl to make it a little more appealing and it turned out perfect! Would definitley recommend to anyone who has been putting off trying cold process!

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great kit

I really love this kit! My soap is curing right now, so far so good. I did not use the fragrance it came with, I purchased the oatmeal milk and honey, and it smells delicious 😊 I like that there is plenty of lye for multiple batches, but I do wish there would have been enough oils for at least a second batch

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Superfatted Recipe?

I have yet to make any soap with this kit but I'm sure it'll prove to be a great starter kit. The ingredient list alone seems awesome and the price is nothing to complain about and course there's the fact that it includes the mold, instructions and cute labels. I just have a question: does the included recipe use a superfat percentage? There's no note of it that I can see so I'm wondering because I'd like to superfat the soap I make with this. Thanks!

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Perfect for first time soap makers!

Very Pleased

I got this to begin my journey and I'm so happy with it. It's a great value, I love that it comes with a mailer box to use as a loaf mold to keep the cost down, and the fragrance oil (not something I would have chosen on my own) smells really good in the soap. I also like that you can make more than one batch out of it, and that the lye will last for several more batches (yes, I'm addicted now). I've made 2 batches so far. For the first one I wanted to do a smaller batch so I literally cut the numbers for the oils in half, ran in through the lye calculator, and printed off the recipe to keep as a half batch recipe. I was able to unmold from yogurt containers the next day. For my second batch I did a full batch and used the recipe as given. This one is much softer. It's been day 3 and the soap still doesn't want to release from the containers. I did get it out of the loaf mold because it's lined. I'm just curious as to what made the second batch so much harder. I kinda like the "half batch" better. Either way, very pleased!