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There is no problem with this lye

I do not know what the other reviewers are talking about. Did they get a very dusty batch of lye? I have never had a problem in 5 years with this lye. Regarding the soapmaker that had undissolved lye, you would never pour undissolved lye in with your oils, would you?!! The flakes are much better than the static beads! I never have a mess with this lye.

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Michelle B
Works well for me

Just purchased my 5th container now. I have no problem with it dissolving for me. I am very satisfied with the quality of this product and am so happy they have it in a form which minimizes the problem of static cling between the particles of lye! I think flakes are the way to go!

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Flakes do not fully brake down

I make goats milk soap, is i mix my lye in an ice bath as to not to burn the lye. take these temps i could not get the flakes to fully brake down

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The larger flake form lye definitely does take longer to fully dissolve, especially with cooler temperatures. It does take some patience and pretty constant stirring. Normally though the last little leftover bits you see in the bottom is the anti-caking agent, not the actual lye. You want the lye fully dissolved though if there are a few little bits left it should not be a problem and can be strained out.

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Do Not Recommend

I used to use bead lye, but thought I'd give this a try. The first 3/4 of the container was fine to use. As I got closer to the bottom, the dust became a real problem. I understand that the company was trying to fight static with this product, but the dust is a no-go. A least with static cling, I would have a couple of beads stuck to the inside of the container I was using. Never was a problem. But with the dust? Well, my normal cleanup isn't enough if I want to keep my pets and family safe. Since it went airborne, I have to clean much harder to make sure nobody touches or ingests it. Do not buy this product. Find another supplier that has bead sodium hydroxide.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Thanks for raising your concerns.

Verified Purchase

I thought I would give this type of lye a try since I had only used the lye beads. Even with my mask on this lye has a lot of dust and fumes just while measuring. It also seems to heat up way more than my other lye. I feel these are hazards. The first soap I made with this lye came out crumbly so I went back to using up my regular lye with no issues. I ran out of my regular lye and made two soaps last night with the flake lye. Dust, very strong fumes and very hot. Looking at my soap tonight it does not look right. I can't un-mold them for a couple more days so I will repost, but it doesn't look good. If they are crumbly and I have wasted more products I will not purchase this again.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Because of the large flakes the Sodium Hydroxide Lye can arrive more dust. The extra dust you're noticing is also from anti static/caking powder added to the lye flakes before packaging to prevent the static cling. Though if your soap was crumbly that could mean your soap had too much. Our lye is 98% pure so if you were used to a less pure lye you may have used too much. Find out how to test for this in our How to Test pH with Red Cabbage blog post.